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Excellent app

I tried some other DoF apps but none compare to the slick interface and ease of use of this one. Well worth the couple bucks.

Great App!

Very easy to use. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!


Tried a number of DoF calculators. Most suffer from inconvenient method to enter data: focal length, distance, f/stop; you have to erase current value, then use the keyboard to enter new values. So slow in practice. Many offer long lists of camera models to choose from; kinda nice but the DoF calulation mostly related to sensor size, not camera model. Likely you only need to do this once, though. Many cameras models use the same or equivilent sensor. And lastly, the DoF formula is based on a specific value for the circle of confusion (CoC). (In fact when you pick a camera from the list, you are really selecting the CoC that will be used in the DoF calulation.) Many photographers prefer to choose a value that is somewhat smaller than commonly specified; this has the effect of suggesting a smaller f/stop and larger DoF. Here's where this app shines: it uses scroll wheels to enter data. This makes it incredibly easy to fine tune the DoF values when making compositional changes to focal length using a zoom lens. And in addition to the common list of camera models, you can simply select the CoC you want to use. It also support two camera model (or CoC settings) if you have cameras with different sensors. Whether you decide to use a Camera Model or select a CoC, this app is fast to use and easy to read DoF values. The fact that it's free is amazing!

Excellent program with no in-app purchases

Easy to use and does what it is supposed to do. Even offers no cost updates for new cameras. No attempt to sell me anything else. Nice.

Works great!

It's one of the best I've tried so far. Good job!


A bit awkward and a little hard to view. OK for $1.99 but probably not worth more. TrueDoF Pro is better but more expensive.


Really nice app. Looks good and it's easy to use. Thanks for the update!

Simple and convenient

Much better than using a web based calculator, and way better than other abandoned DOF calculators in the App Store. Wish it was possible to add custom cameras (or at least rename the camera choices to match your kit), and the text in the "road" could be larger and easier to read in a hurry, but otherwise a perfect app.

Outstanding Tool

I wish I had found this app years ago, it would have helped me turn so so projects into great projects. What I like best is that it's what I need and without all the clutter.

Nice app

Very clean user interface, excellent selection of cameras, but doesn’t allow user to adjust circle of confusion diameter or reproduction ratio. What’s worse, I can’t even find their assumptions about these parameters. Excellent for beginners, not so much for pros.

Easy to use!

Nicely designed app - simple, easy to use. I suggest rounding measurements to the nearest tenth of an inch. There are just too many numbers with hundredth of an inch display. Besides, I don't think DoF accuracy to the nearest hundredth of an inch is really necessary.

Takes the guess work out of the picture

This is a fantastic app; it is well designed and easy to use. I love that you can set and keep up to four cameras with their own different settings, really handy if you have more that one, otherwise you would have to scroll through hundreds of them in its database to choose a different one. The last used settings are retained even if you quit the app. As per how accurate it is, I haven’t done any thorough testing yet, but it seems to be pretty good. One request: please add a setting for optionally displaying 1/3, 1/2, or full f-stops - less scrolling is always better, especially if you don’t have to. Thank you.

Not working

It used to work prior to upgrade to ios 8. Now it just stan still.

Is not working

Every time I opened it freeze after a couple of seconds and the it closed.

Best dof app. Fastest to use

The 4 number wheels make it very easy to quickly put in numbers. I find the other apps with sliders I could never get the sliders right where I wanted them. This one has the best graphical design that helps visualize the dof numbers it spits out. If they added calculations for lens tilt that would be nice.

Needs another number...

With focus at the hyperfocal distance, depth of field extends from 1/2 the hyperfocal distance to infinity. Yes, I can do the math in my head, but I'd like to see that number on the screen too. Maybe to the left of the hyperfocal distance number? Thanks for the nice app!

Best of all the DOF apps

I've tried a slew of these apps, and this takes the cake in terms of layout and ease of use. The slider wheels are very straightforward to use and the info is well displayed. I'm not sure what one reviewer was complaining about when he said they won't give you the distances in inches. It will say something like 1' 5.47". But converting 0.47 inches into fractions would be absurd. Also of great importance, the info yielded does seem to be correct, which I've confirmed by doing photo tests and also cross referencing it with other apps and websites. Interestingly, they don't all come up with *exactly* the same results, but they're close. The reason for this, and for many other questions about this (and other) app's accuracy, is that depth of field is a very subjective measure. It relies on a determination of what "acceptably sharp" means, and also varies depending on how much you enlarge your photo. That is essentially what crop sensors do, which is why the same 50 mm lens on a full frame will have a different DOF than it will on a crop sensor. Completely separate from that is the question of field of view. You can try and figure it all out--I have, but even I still get confused sometimes--or you can just rely on this app. Because it's right. My only other suggestion for an app in this category is called Lens Lab. It has a slightly different take on how to display the info. Kinda neat, but in terms of actual usability, I still prefer this one.

Best DOF app money can buy

Actually at the price offered I consider it free. The calculations are perfect, the interface is great. I like the side by side cameras feature, comes in handy when I have more than one camera on a shooting session.

Best of the bunch

As mentioned by another reviewer it needs a bit more of an expanded range. I used it for some macro photography and it worked great for my 150mm prime at f/22.

Needs improvements

Not very useful with long focal lenses. The developer needs to accept the fact that this app for the most part will be used for manual adjustments. For example, I have a manual zoom lens (non-TTL) that covers focal lengths from 650 through 1300. There is no way to calculate a precise hyperfocal plane because the app doesn't cover that range smoothly. The app should cover long ranges in non discrete fashion, because long glass has a very shallow depth of field requiring precise calculations. Forced extrapolations or interpolations just defeat its purpose.

Great app

Excelent excelent app

Will use this for my 16mm cinematography class. Very easy.

Quite nice! Simple, straight-forward.

No Support for D7000

Unfortunately the Nikon D7000 is not supported. It is not in the selection list of supported cameras even though the AppStore description claims it is supported. Disappointing. The app is easy to use and presents the data in a clean manner.

Fractions of a foot instead of inches

The inability of this app to translate DOF into inches rather than fractions of a foot made me uninstall it right away and revert to PhotoCalc. Too bad, I would have really liked to give a better review to this app that tries to offer a simple tool in an elegant graphical fashion but fails due to complete laziness on the part of the developer. When I'm trying to calculate DOF, I need a quick set of measurements, down to smallest increments, rather than being left with mental gymnastics.

MATH IS CORRECT, if you understand.

At first glance i thought the math of this calculator was off. Why was it giving smaller DOF measurements for cameras with smaller sensors? It should be the opposite. But then i realized the difference between focal length and angle of view. If you take two cameras with the same 50mm lens, one camera w/ a full frame 35mm sensor and the other with a 1.5x crop sensor, the DOF of the 1.5x crop camera will actually be slightly smaller. The reason is that even though the camera has a smaller sensor (and therefore greater DOF) that lens is now behaving like a 75mm lens. So it is providing the angle of view and the DOF of a 75mm lens on a full frame body. If you want to compare the same angle of view between the two cameras then you need to compensate for the crop factor. In other words a full frame body w/ a 75mm lens will have shallower DOF then a 1.5x crop body w/ a 50mm lens and both cameras will have the same angle of view.

Good app but...

it would be nice to have the option to display the DOF in inches rather than fractions of a foot once it is under 6 inches or so. I just have a hard time getting my head around .05 feet. Of course this is a very shallow DOF, but the whole point of using an app like this is to be able to calculate just how shallow.

Easy to use!!!

Great little tool. Much easier to use than other apps that use a slider or text entry. Well worth a few bucks!

Best DoF Calculator that I've found

I like how quick you can make adjustments to awe the results. I only wish the answers were in feet & inches (not just feet with a decimal).

Very well thought out app

This is a very easy to use app that makes calculating depth of field quick. My only suggestion to improve the program is that it would be nice if the depth of field could be set to display inches or feet. Worth the money!!!

Very well done, minor usability quibbles

As a long-time user of DOFMaster on the Palm and recent switch to iPhone, I downloaded Simple DoF Calculator based on the high reviews. Simple DoF Calculator makes data entry fast and simple because all data entry is done on one 3-slider wheel. DOF calculations are identical between the two (as they should be). Couldn't imagine a simpler and more straightforward way to design this app. It does exactly what it should and is attractive and very easy to use. Two minor quibbles: 1) The focus (distance) and focal length (lens) choices should run in consistent geometric progressions just like real cameras. It's odd to see choices of 90, 95, 100, then 101, 102, 103, ... for focal length, and a 1 mm precision at 100 mm is not really useful and makes it harder to find the right setting. Instead, have every choice be, for example, 5% or 20% bigger than the last one depending on whether fast spin mode is selected. Similar for f/stop. 2) Even though it is likely rarely needed (maybe never), it would be nice to have the focus setting go beyond 100 feet.

A good start.

It's a nice little app that could be improved slightly. I really wish it had a camera bag function to store the lenses that you use allot and there aperture limits. Worth a dollar though, it's built better than allot of other apps.

Explain the math...

I'm no genius but shouldn't you get shallower depth of field the larger the film plane? I like the interface. But if the math is wrong what's the point. I think I may have just wasted a buck.

Always hit DOF head on!

Works as advertised! Invaluable DOF tool for photo noobies and enthusiasts. Since I always have my phone with me, the Simple DoF Calculator is always available.


Fast and efficient apps, worked just like advertised - The last entry retention feature is also nice Wished it had a manual feet/meter overide button...

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