Simple DoF Calculator App Reviews

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Great photography tool

This app does exactly what it says it does. Its simple and extremely effective when used in the field. Would reccomend to any photographer!

App crashes

App crashes on start. Look forward to a bug fix.

Awesome support

Downloaded the program yesterday Our camera was not in the list Yesterday we wrote to the support and today we had it included! The app works very well

Great tool

As a beginner, this tool has been very helpful when going from the standard point-shoot to playing with the manual modes on a DSLR.

Very good

I like apps that do exactly what they are intended to do. The interface is straight-forward, and the results are presented in a simple pictorial way. Pleasure to use. Thank you.

Exactly right ...

Thanks for a great app - visual representation and app style also very clean and easy to understand - *extremely* responsive Support as well with respect to adding new cameras on the market sooner rather than later. Keep up the good work!

No frills - Perfect for the job

This is a simple to use DOF calculator with hundreds of listed cameras available from within the app. Very quick and intuitive controls make this app a pleasure to use. Support is quick and helpful (my camera wasnt listed - an email to the developer resulted in my camera being added to the database the same day) An excellent app that does exactly what it claims to do!

Really Handy!

This is a very good app for D of F. It is easy to use and understand. It includes all the latest cameras and will update and download more as they are available. Heat app!

Hyper Focal distance is incorrect

It looks like a handy app. However, the Hyper Focus distance calculated is greater than Focus Distance, for example HF distance is 12.66 m, while focus distance is 3 m.


Bought and paid for app. Appeared to download but no app in my phone. When I click Open in the App Store, nothing happens. Where is my purchase?

Nikon D7200

Loved this app , easy to use Thanks,

Please add Panasonic Lumix LX100

Great App ! After 2 years of use I can say that is the best App to calculate DOF. Please add Lumix LX100 in the list, thank you.

Always hit DOF head on!

Works as advertised! Invaluable DOF tool for photo noobies and enthusiasts. Since I always have my phone with me, the Simple DoF Calculator is always available.


Fast and efficient apps, worked just like advertised - The last entry retention feature is also nice Wished it had a manual feet/meter overide button...

Explain the math...

Im no genius but shouldnt you get shallower depth of field the larger the film plane? I like the interface. But if the math is wrong whats the point. I think I may have just wasted a buck.

A good start.

Its a nice little app that could be improved slightly. I really wish it had a camera bag function to store the lenses that you use allot and there aperture limits. Worth a dollar though, its built better than allot of other apps.

Very well done, minor usability quibbles

As a long-time user of DOFMaster on the Palm and recent switch to iPhone, I downloaded Simple DoF Calculator based on the high reviews. Simple DoF Calculator makes data entry fast and simple because all data entry is done on one 3-slider wheel. DOF calculations are identical between the two (as they should be). Couldnt imagine a simpler and more straightforward way to design this app. It does exactly what it should and is attractive and very easy to use. Two minor quibbles: 1) The focus (distance) and focal length (lens) choices should run in consistent geometric progressions just like real cameras. Its odd to see choices of 90, 95, 100, then 101, 102, 103, ... for focal length, and a 1 mm precision at 100 mm is not really useful and makes it harder to find the right setting. Instead, have every choice be, for example, 5% or 20% bigger than the last one depending on whether fast spin mode is selected. Similar for f/stop. 2) Even though it is likely rarely needed (maybe never), it would be nice to have the focus setting go beyond 100 feet.

Very well thought out app

This is a very easy to use app that makes calculating depth of field quick. My only suggestion to improve the program is that it would be nice if the depth of field could be set to display inches or feet. Worth the money!!!

Best DoF Calculator that Ive found

I like how quick you can make adjustments to awe the results. I only wish the answers were in feet & inches (not just feet with a decimal).

Easy to use!!!

Great little tool. Much easier to use than other apps that use a slider or text entry. Well worth a few bucks!

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